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  1. Posted at 23:2023:20Marseille rioters raid gun store – reportMore now from Marseille – where at least 80 people have been arrested tonight, as we mentioned earlier.Rioters also looted a gun store, the Reuters news agency quotes police as saying.The looters are said to have taken away some hunting rifles, but no ammunition.Article share tools
  2. Posted at 23:0423:04Stay tuned for further French updatesJames FitzGeraldLive reporterIt’s past midnight in France, and Charley Adams and I will soon leave you with Robert Greenall and George Wright – who are in the BBC’s London newsroom for the night shift.They’re poised to bring you any unmissable updates on the situation in France. Earlier, we reported that some 45,000 police officers had been sent out to try and keep calm across the country overnight – an increase of 5,000 on Thursday.Officials are also at pains to get parents to play their part, by telling their children to stay off the streets. Protesters as young as 13 were arrested overnight on Thursday, according to the interior minister.Thanks for joining us for our coverage so far. Make sure to stay on this page.Article share tools
  3. Posted at 22:5022:50How tonight’s policing numbers compareAs we’ve been reporting, France is sending out 45,000 police officers tonight in anticipation of a possible fourth night of unrest across the country.It’s a number that’s been building. Last night, the equivalent figure was 40,000. On Wednesday, it was 9,000.According to the government, 249 officers have been injured during clashes over the last few days.Thursday night saw at least 917 people arrested, according to the interior minister.Article share tools